Your wonderful feedback!


I couldn’t help posting some of the wonderful, encouraging comments I received on my recent unveiling of this expanded site. Thank you all, thank you, thank you! (More to come.)

*Magnificent site and most interesting.

*Dorin, just had a look at the new site. Great! Also nice photo of you!

*I’ve toured website — every tab, played the YouTube clip, even caught the “Theda Bara – Original Vamp” collection of stills on YouTube.  Theda was more camp than vamp. HG provides a very interesting view of the silent film industry and the emerging role of women. Stunning.  Thanks for getting this going. I hope it gains the following it deserves.

*Dorin, your grandmother sounds like she was a fascinating, complex woman. It’s wonderful that you’re writing about her. Please notify me when your book is complete. Good luck to you. I’ll definitely bookmark your site and check back in again.

*We enjoyed your Helen Gardner web site.  Congratulations on all of your great work in bringing recognition to your Grandmother.

*Thank you for Helen Gardener tonight !!!!!!!!!

*First, let me thank you for your efforts . . . you have no idea how much your work and humanity inspire others. I am impressed by your grandmother, Helen Gardner’s works and your extraordinary effort to preserve her legacy. Keep it up.

*This is awesome!!! Looks like you put a lot of work into this website and it shows. Great job! Your grandmother was the FIRST Cleopatra? Liz Taylor eat your heart out. In today’s dollars I wonder what these films cost? Anyway, this is really cool. Thanks!

*Hi Dorin, Thanks for sending the Helen Gardner website link… I find her story fascinating… and I am so proud of you for busting her for dumping on your mother and you! It is rare when we can appreciate the good in others while accepting their flaws.

*I found the website well-organized and interesting, and am impressed by all the effort Dorin has invested in this endeavor—she obviously inherited those entrepreneurial genes from her grandmother!!   I am sure it will be a success.  

*WOW! That is incredible! So have you sold the screen play yet?

*Dear Dorin, I am so excited about your new website!  Your search for your grandmother is a remarkable one.  I have been interested in genealogy for a long time, searching for information of generations past and am fascinated when I read old letters and other documents, but I have never found that much information! I look forward to your book.

*Thanks, Dorin.  The website is beautiful.  I haven’t checked everything in every tab yet but will in coming days.  Looking forward to MORE Helen!

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