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Speaking as Helen Gardner’s granddaughter, who now knows her as intimately as anyone can know another person, I am confident that Helen would be a blogger if she were alive today. She was a prolific writer and correspondent. My personal Helen Gardner collection contains hundreds of pages  –  in fact, volumes of her essays, poems, musings, meditations, rantings and letters to fans, friends and many of the movers and shakers of her time.

Like bloggers today, Helen was a pioneer in a new medium. When movies were in their infancy, she started a movie production company and proceeded to produce ten films, all of them starring herself. She entered what essentially were the cyberspace and the blogosphere of her time, before such media miracles could even be imagined.

A video clip from Helen’s maiden production, CLEOPATRA, appears elsewhere on this site. When her great film was released in 1912, it was praised by critics in the US and around the world for the innovativeness of all of its aspects. Today, it is recognized as a classic of silent film. And Helen is justly known as a silent film pioneer.

In this blog, I will continue in the tradition of Helen’s lifelong adventure of writing down her thoughts and feelings. I will be sharing my own thoughts and feelings about this fascinating woman and her work, and my relationship to both.

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