Actually, I never knew her in person . . .


I’m asking myself why, in my first post, I said that I know Helen Gardner as well as anyone can know a person. The sad truth is that I would know Helen even better had I ever met her in person — but I didn’t. Helen blew off my mother, her only child, when I was an infant. So she rejected both her daughter and her newborn granddaughter at the same time. But I did grow up hearing my mother’s vivid stories about her absent mother – some of which were ”Mommie Dearest”-type stories and some of which were about the making of CLEOPATRA, which my mother not only witnessed first hand but actually participated in.

Why should I now be so interested in resurrecting the woman who was an abusive, rejecting mother and grandmother? And, not just resurrecting her for myself, but for the world at large? I’m still trying to figure it out!

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